6 Things You Should Never Wear To An Interview

by Madailygistjobs in Job Market 21/04/2016 0 comments


Ill- Fitting Clothes
Better to wear an outfit that is tailored to suit you, rather than anything that feels or looks too tight or too short. Wearing short skirts and dresses that will give you a hard time sitting give a wrong impression of you.

Even if you will wear them as parts of your work attire, staying away from jeans at an interview is smart. They are casual and comfortable but not professional.

Don’t wear bright colors. Stick with the basic, a black, blue or grey suit.

Loud Makeup
Tone down on your makeup, keep it simple and natural

Obvious Bras
Always wear a Unclad bra under business attire because they rarely ever show

It either distracts the interviewer or prevents the two of you from making eye contact

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